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WE ARE the Reval!!!

November, 2016

by Ruth Virginia Barton

The Reval really is an Inside Job!

By totally manifesting the Reval within us, we manifest it in the world.

I have a feeling that finishing this thing depends on us. It appears to fall on us consciously transmuting humans to complete manifesting this transformation on Earth, to literally BECOME the Reval we wish to see in the world. We are giving a free-will gift of ourselves. We ARE the gift! And yes, we’re giving this gift to ourselves, too.

We believe in what’s inside of us because we must, because we’re called to, because we want God more than anything else. Right? We choose to waken to our divine selves. And we also believe in ourselves so other folks don’t have to yet! Right? No judgment. Maybe they haven’t been working on this all their days. But we have!

We are a gift. Our transformation into the love of who we truly are is the gift. It’s a gift from God to us, and from us to ourselves, because we’re choosing it with our own free will. 100%.

And 100% is the magical point of transformation. What I believe in 100% is what manifests in my world. I’ve seen this over and over again. And as the Reval is what I want, I must fully manifest the Reval inside my being to get it, 100%!

And this is what we’re doing here together, Folks: giving the Gift of the Reval and having the audacity to believe that we can. All of us together. Mother-Father God, Mother Mary, the Universe, Love, Divine, Spirit, the Company of Heaven, St. Germaine, Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Jesus, and us. All of us.

Our Company of Heaven (CoH) friends are doing everything they can to bring about this love magic, but we are needed to finish the job. Indeed, we are the Ones who called them on the Heaven Line in the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and told them we’re going ALL THE WAY!

As the CoH cannot violate our free will, it is up to us to complete the powerful process of Ascension by downloading God’s Love and Light into our selves through our bodies, anchoring it there, and sending it to Earth as a present. And, by all accounts, this is what we’re succeeding in doing.

This is how the whole Ascension process is working: As sovereign individuals with free will, we choose to re-evaluate who we are and re-focus on our divine identity, on the Divine Love of who we are within, by releasing all of who we are not (but have believed we are), and manifesting this love of Creator as ourSelves in 3D on the planet through our bodies. Mother and Father God are gathering together their drops in the ocean of love.

Transmuting is the nature of the gift we are giving to the whole world. We believe in what’s inside of us, the divine love of who we all are, and in an act of completely, 100% loving generosity work to bring it out. It is the struggle of Atlas, carrying the whole world, and we’re about to learn to shrug it off, let go of the burden. Because we can’t carry it anymore! And I believe that’s because we’re almost done with it. But we have a little ways more to go, Folks. We’re almost done with the healing journey we embarked on eons ago, to divinely heal the illusion of separation in both ourselves and others.

Transmuting and Healing Separation

Transmuting is impossible to explain unless one is transmuting themselves. One way to get at it, though, is through Jesus’ words: Take up your cross and follow me.1 It’s all about intent.

As we intend to heal the experience of separation from God for ourselves, we extend our love to the whole world and expand our intent to heal as a gift to others, too. Through transmuting love, we take on the healing of ourselves and the entire planet, in fact.

As we heal, a whole level of reality, both within and outside of ourselves, also heals, because of our 100% intent to expand this healing. Then we offer that whole level of healed love reality to Beloved Earth and Her People at the precise level of reality that we originally chose to heal within ourselves. Transmutation is love magic.

And bringing down the Reval, all the way into 3D, means tackling our fears of manifesting on the planet - but especially, of manifesting ourselves. And that means, natch, facing and releasing all our fears, especially our ancient terrors of being here.

This is all about re-evaluating ourselves, who we really are on this Planet. Are we the change we wish to see or are we the wanting of that change? That's the Law of Attraction question. Because I have the feeling that the Moment we fully become the Reval of ourselves, the full financial Reval will finally fully manifest on the physical planet.2 ;)

Because what's truly being re-evaluated, even more than the money system, is our conception of our own identity. We are re-evaluating who we really are.

After all, we are "becoming" our Divine Selves by waking up to the divine souls that we already are, right? Releasing what we are not and then consciously embodying our Souls because we can finally perceive them? As us?

And our bodies tell the truth, don’t they? We cannot deceive our bodies. They are the trumpet of

our souls and are blasting out the truth of our souls.

I think most of us used to believe that we had to get "better" to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and now we know all we have to do is Love Unconditionally. Especially ourselves. Because it’s the unconditional love and acceptance that brings up all the stuff that isn’t love and then allows its release.

It's a Law of Attraction (LoA) thing, after all: As we become more and more filled up with who we really are, and release more and more of who we are not, we grow in our ability to create more of what we want and less of what we don't want. Right?

But here's the trick, and it seems to be the central LoA trick, in my experience: We manifest the reflection of who we believe we are, not who we really are or what we want. To get what we want – in this case, the Reval – we switch our conception of Who we are.

We shift our consciousness away from what we want to Who we really are, because if we focus on what we want we’re focusing on want, or the lack thereof. And if we focus on what we want through a focus of fear, which we may believe is who we are deep down inside, then we will attract fearful things.

Whereas, as we focus on ourselves and Love as Who We Are, we create more of that. Love. And more of what we Love!

Fascinatingly, A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception3. So, to obtain the Reval, we are co-creating the miracle of believing it’s who we already are by becoming people who believe that we are entitled to it, basically.

Or if that’s not a comfortable word, we give ourselves permission to believe we can actually have the Reval, which means believing we deserve it, or are allowed to have it, or some other variation thereof, with the focus not of wanting it, but of already having it because it’s who we are. Because we attract what we believe we are.

To manifest Reval Love in the World, we have to start by loving and accepting who we are right now, the selves who are still learning who we are and how to get what we want and need. This self-acceptance is actually the willingness to love ourselves unconditionally.

In my case, I’ve had to forgive myself - a lot - for what I have been unable to receive. Self-acceptance constitutes self-forgiveness - the act of a sovereign individual soul who believes in themselves and their divine origins! Because believing in forgiveness means believing in Grace, that we are allowed to make mistakes and still be Loved, because Divine Love is Who We Are.

Again, the Law of Attraction rules here, because to accept being forgiven, we have to believe in its possibility and that we can receive it! To essentially be forgiveness.

It’s a state of being as opposed to a state of mind.

Concomitant with self-forgiveness is the acceptance of who we are right now, which is totally based on our self-concept - right? In other words, if I view myself from a self-hating place I will accept actions, both from myself and others, and from Life itself, that reflect that feeling. And if I view myself as a beloved Child of Mother-Father God then I see myself as beloved in the world’s reflection.

It is precisely this holy self-concept that I have to fully embody – fully manifest within my body – in order to receive the fully manifested love that I want to see in the world, because that shift of embodiment transforms me into believing I can have what I want.

Believing I can have what I want is the trickiest part of the Law of Attraction because it represents the shift into accepting who I already am.

And because my old self-identification definitely wouldn't have believed I could have what I want, I don't already have it. Right? Right. Accepting who I used to be is part of my self-acceptance now.

And only I Am the one who can change that self-concept or mindset regarding my Self. Because in reality I actually am a sovereign being who can choose love or not, forgiveness or not, self-inclusion in Heaven on Earth or not.

And that changing my mind is really and truly the hard work.

I never in a thousand lifetimes would have believed that the journey of changing my mind would be the most effortful thing I could ever do until I embarked on it. I always thought suffering, or at least living from fear, would be the hardest work. But really, giving up those mindsets has required even more work!

Revaluating my perception of myself to that of a child of God is the hardest work because I have to make that shift completely, 100%, by myself. Not even God can do this for me.

Choosing to be Who I Am is a pure act of free will. It is giving up a habit of mind, of thinking that I am the lowest of the low because I chose to separate originally, and choosing instead a new self-concept of inherent divinity that I was created by God Who Loves Me. Even if I did try to go away.

Choosing my self-identity as a Divine Soul, Beloved Child of God, is so freaking hard because I have to accept responsibility on a soul level for making the choice to separate from my Creator, an unthinkable and impossible outcome but nonetheless one as a soul I chose to try. For whatever reason.

Giving up self-judgment, and especially shame, for that choice has been the true effort. Who knew that actually releasing shame and blame and self-judgment for intending to separate from God and choosing self-love and forgiveness instead would be the hardest thing for me to do?

Inexplicable, but we as powerful children of Mother-Father God created an intricate and complex hell that extricating ourselves from is actually a trick of the mind, just as originally creating the hell was. Who knew? Not me! But now I do.

It’s also so freaking hard because, I believe, we’ve most of us lived many, many lifetimes gripped with terror. And those are ancient stories that are deeply imprinted on our soul memory. I believe that part of the reason so many of us haven’t fully figured out this manifesting trick is because these terrors still invade our attracting mechanism. In order to awaken to Who we truly are, and attract what we truly want, we must release these ancient terrors as well. And that’s hard, too!

But doable.

I am releasing attachment to who I used to believe I was. Those attachments are dark astral super-glue. The only way I personally can release these attachments is with God’s help of showing me Who I really am. And yes, God can show me, but it is up to me – and me alone – to choose.

Before I can receive this wayshowing cosmic Gift, I must first release, of my own volition and intention, those 4th dimensional attachments to who I am not.

And then actively choose to allow God to show me who I Am.

Un-Mooring the Soul

I am beginning to see this whole event of Ascension as an un-mooring: I am un-mooring my soul from its attachment to 3D and my old conception of myself.

(Which is highly ironic because it seems so close to separating, eh? Heh heh. But not, because it’s about intent.)

I am discerning the truth of my divine nature and allowing the other self-definitions to just float away.

I am actually Un-mooring on the level of 3D that is about space. You know how our tools in the third dimension are time and space?

Well, Ram Dass didn’t just say Be Now. He said, Be Here Now! 4

This isn’t just about being in the present moment in Time; it’s also about being Here, in this present place in space. It’s about un-mooring, or detaching, our soul – who we really are – from our body and the physical and astral planes – who we really are not! Our body is the Temple of our Soul, for real, but it’s more like we’re renting it temporarily than owning it. Right?

And really, this whole process is about Intent, because the intent to Ascend comes as a choice from the Soul and the willingness to follow Its contract. Intent is very close to will, but in my experience it is much more easily accessed than will. Will implies effort, whereas Intent suggests allowing the Soul to flow down its natural River way, its Tao. That seems a lot easier than employing the will.

When I’m aligned with Soul my will flows smoothly from that alignment, so will becomes moot. On a certain level. Not my will but Thine, to coin a biblical phrase. 5

My will blends in with and is subsumed into God’s because I am finding out that we – me and God – are one and the same! A team of One on a soul level, with God driving the car. (Thank God/us! So nice to be the passenger and see all the beautiful scenery flying by.)

Therefore, because we choose Ascension, we are intending to follow our Soul’s original contract with Mother-Father God. That means we intend to become, or uncover, our true Selves on the Planet, right?

And to Ascend, we have to identify our souls, yes?

And then we have to identify with our souls – as our Selves, right?

And accept and forgive ourselves for everything we’ve ever done that blocked us from experiencing our Souls’ reality.

And then we can unmoor as we release the attachments from which we’ve constructed our identity in this realm.

I used to see 3D as a prison or a punishment for karma from thousands of lifetimes, but I have to let go of that kind of thinking because it is inherently judgment and therefore not of Love. And that’s exactly the same judgment that I had about seceding from God in the first place, or trying to.

Thank Goddess, now 3D has become my Master Teacher instead of jailer because it draws from me – and to me – absolutely ever single thing that I must release or cleave unto to fully awaken to my Soul, my true Self – here on our Beloved Earth or any”where” else.

(And what a different way of defining being Human than believing I am here because I sinned! I chose to secede from God in order to find out more about who I am apart from God. I figured out that was a mistake and have been coming back to Oneness but the journey itself is of such great beauty that I may decide eventually that there was no mistake; it’s all grist for the Heavenly mill. I may decide that. Haven’t decided yet. ;)

Becoming my Soul-Self is a process of dropping who I Am not – right?

And as I vacuum out my chakras I find the crap that is not love and release it to God. I feel it and allow it its full expression within my body (as that is where my current incarnation resides).

As a result of this unconditional self-love the stuff I’m finding actually releases me. Truthfully, those attachments fly off my soul once I am done experiencing them.

The more I release who I not Am, the more I identify myself as a Child of God, which is Who I AM. Who I really am.

Lovingly Releasing Identification with the Body

I unmoor myself from my identification with being a body and all its attendant astral perceptions.

And I can only do this with love, especially love for my body. Because it is the vehicle that allows me to be here on Earth so that I can ascend with the rest of us. Right? And it tells me the Truth as I listen.

The third dimensionality of my body is precisely the teacher that I need to get through this Alive.

And so, as I identify myself as a Soul on this Planet, a child of Mother-Father God, I drop the false identities that prevented me from having what I want, and consciously fill myself with gratitude for Who I Am and to myself for intending to be Who I Am.

Gratitude is another magical trick of the Law of Attraction.

It is the cosmic glue that draws to us the reflection of Who we really are. As we become more conscious of who we truly are, gratitude draws to us what we actually do want. An aspect of love, and of self-love, gratitude amplifies what we appreciate and draws more of it to us.

And, again, gratitude for ourselves is the key here: gratitude for our intention to awaken and for holding to that intention. And for, let’s face it, just being ourselves. Because, after all, I am the One who decided to come here, right? I am the One who decided to Ascend, too – and chose it over and over and over again. I am also the one who decided to stay in touch with my Soul so I could ascend. Right?


I intended to stick with my Soul from the very beginning, this lifetime.

I had to forgive myself and release judgment and/or hatred for all the (many) parts of myself that I did not love or consider Love, and as I continue this process of Unconditional Love for myself I unmoor as my Soul from the ancient conception of who I was.

I release self-judgment and as a result am becoming in my own awareness and discernment Who I AM.

And this is another trick of the LoA: to release attachments that no longer serve us, we have to become aware of them and see them for what they really are: fear.

And this is the trick: To release fear we really do have to experience it fully; we have to perceive it, notice it, own it, explore its dimensions, walk its perimeter. Allow its reality. We actually have to pay attention to it, temporarily; lift it up to the Light, so that we can acknowledge it, love it, and let it float away.

Then and only then, when whatever cowering part of us is hidden underneath that fear feels unconditionally loved, will that piece of us be released from the fear and join our souls. This is the process of becoming Who we really are!

Soul retrieval, yes? Collecting lost aspects of ourselves, hidden behind screens of fear and unreality, and drawing them all back together, united in One Love.

And this is the magic of this particular LoA trick: I’ve found that as long as my intent is to release fear, focusing on fear does not attract fearful things or harm. Its momentary amplification, so that I can pay attention to the fear enough to experience, accept, and release it, does not harm. As long as my intent is to love, feeling fear to release it does not attract more fear or fearful things.

Amazing, is it not? The Law of Attraction is responding to my true intent.

Unconscious fear does have drawing power, though; its very hiddenness attracts more of itself to itself. But this unconsciously held fear, some of it thousands of “years” old, has the opposite property of gratitude – it attracts what we do not want!

The profound difference between the attracting natures of fear and gratitude, or love, is the intent: one is contracting, thick, gooey, dark, hidden, and often unconscious. Gratitude and love are expansive, transparent, light-filled, and usually a conscious choice.

Fear is what holds these attachments to us on the astral plane that we’ve been working so long

to release. Fear thrives under the subterranean darkness of secrecy and unconsciousness. However, when we choose to release fear and shine the light of love and acceptance and forgiveness on it and what’s beneath it, Grace happens and that which we fear is not attracted but the love surrounding it is. It’s up to our intent.

Because the LoA is not about who we really are, is it? It’s about who we really believe we are.

Back to the Reval!

The Revaluation of Currencies is manifesting as the starting point of Heaven on Earth, the New Jerusalem, the fulfillment of all prophecy of love.

While working for the Light, we have been inexorably drawing the Light to us as we draw to It. As we continue releasing fear and exposing the Love which is our own Soul, the Reval’s inherent stipulation is showing God’s love for us on the physical plane.

So instead of being perceived only within, in dimensions “higher” than 3D, the Reval is also showering us on the outside, physically, in the sunlight of utter transparency and obviousness, for all to see and hear and experience; God’s love for us made physically manifest, come all the way down to the third, as incontrovertible evidence and proof, so all can know, without a shadow of doubt, that we are beloved of God.

The Reval is the first part of a fully manifested Ascension, our living souls completely formed out of the stuff of 3D. The mud, the Earth. And we can only attract such a beautiful event as the Revaluation of Currencies by re-evaluating ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be.


You and I! I and I! Each individual one of us with our Intent to shine our Soul’s Light on this Earth are all I’s!!! We are all unique sovereign selves who can only make this decision for ourselves individually, not for anybody else! So the “I” in me joins up with the “I” in You and together we make We!

I + I = We!

Us! US!!!! United. No coincidence there, methinks: United States = U.S. = US! It really is up to US to help catalyze and complete the Reval because we are throwing off some of the most intense mind control conditioning ever seen on this Planet! So if we in the US can do it, anybody can! J

As I speak here of my process, I believe I am speaking of yours, too, because that’s what all these readings have in common, isn’t it? All these non-embodied souls coming through in these channeled readings and reminding us of who we really are, aren’t they?

Even from a somewhat isolated 3D position, I can still extrapolate the universality of my own growth; that’s what our Company of Heaven family are speaking to, both in my heart and in my head. They get through to me because, with love, they are accurately describing the twists and turns of my own brain and the growing love in my heart.

If it’s working for me, I can bet with all my heart it’s working for you, too. All of us. I and I.

It really is up to us to throw off the yoke (cosmic joke) of the conditioning of believing and being made to believe that we are who we are not.

Fear tells us the lie about who we really are. Not.

This US election is the perfect paradigm of that: together, we are deciding how to define ourselves as a nation, down to the nitty gritty: Are we love, or fear? It’s also a time for shouldering our Atlas burden hopefully just a little bit longer.

My current mantra prayer:

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country.

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country.

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country.

We need both sides of the political equation, you know? Democrats and Republicans, we need us both. Metaphysically, Democrats share, Republicans say self-love first. We need the balance of both: Two shoes, not just one.

Fear is telling us we are different but really we are all, for the most part, wanting what’s best for our country. Right? From our own particular viewpoints?

I think it’s time for mass prayer, for elevating the election6, don’t you? Both pre- and post?

Because growth involves shedding fear, it can be pretty exciting stuff. Growth can also feel scary because the fear that comes up may appear more real than the growth! So we can pray for protection and discernment, and ask Archangel Michael and Everyone Else to protect us all and the Planet. And I do.

This election is a choice to shed fear. I see that we are throwing off this old ancient yoke – call it patriarchy, call it hatred, call it fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Call it the belief in the separation from God. We are definitely throwing off the false separation we’ve all experienced here in the third appearing as real – separation from God, from each other, and from our Selves. We have been healing from this experienced separation all this time, especially since December 21, 2012.

But finally, and I think especially in this American election, we have elected to no longer be anymore what we are not – no matter who got elected! As a nation we are choosing to re-evaluate ourselves as we engage in this profound opportunity for US to finally decide – and become – Who we truly are.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2016 (I think it was), US President Barack Obama gave a speech in North Carolina where he exhorted:

"I’m asking you today what I asked of you eight years ago. I’m just asking you to believe: not in my abilities to change, not even just in Hillary’s ability to bring about positive change. I’m asking you to believe in your ability to bring about changes."7

And truthyfully, this is how I really know that Ascension is happening – because it’s happening within me; and by extension I can see it in the world.

As I believe fully in myself, I grow by leaps and bounds with the Physical Plane as my master teacher, and my Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters and Jesus and Mother-Father God all reinforce what my Life exerience is teaching me – that I am really Me!! The real Me is my Soul! The One who experiences all these things is Me! I’ve been hiding away in here, pretending I’m not actually here, not actually my Soul, when all the time I’ve really been waking up to Who I already am!

And that’s what we’ve all been doing: we’ve been using this lifetime to wake up. We are Woke. We are also still continuing to Wake, but we are now Woke.

It is time at this present moment to rediscover ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to believe we are Ascending, to believe We Are the Reval. Because we are!

And We includes us, all of us humans, Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven, Mother-Father God, our Beloved Jeshua, Divine Love, the plants and animals and Earth and the Universe.

And while we’re waiting for the Reval Grand Event, we’re setting the stage, building the Reval theater, amassing the audience, perfecting lines, sewing and dressing in the costumes, and putting on make-up. We’re getting ready for the Reval performance by rehearsing for it; by cultivating the feeling of already sharing the wealth and having it for ourselves!

You know how it works when you have employed LoA successfully? It has to do with cultivating the feeling of already having what you want because it’s you, right?

So often, when we finally get what we have been wanting it’s sort of anti-climactic, isn’t it? Well, that’s because, during the planning stages, we cultivated the feeling of already having what we wanted, and then and only then is when we got it! So yeah, it really literally WAS anti-climactic! It came after the climax.

Maybe the Reval will come when we’re finally enjoying ourselves so much in the Heaven we’re drawing from Within that we totally forget it hasn’t come yet and magically it can’t help but manifest as Heaven on Earth on the outside, too!

Gratitude is the magic act here because as we become actually grateful for what we already have we attract more of it. So as we become grateful to ourselves – our unconditionally self-loved selves – for who we already are we join God in defining ourselves; and this is where Sovereignty comes in.

We are the ones who decide to value ourselves so much that we step into a new dimension of manifesting our belief in ourselves as children of Creator.

We become able to finally discern that something as magical as the Reval, as the Re-evaluation of Who We Are as a people and as a planet, can be real, AND IS IN FACT ALREADY REAL, IN OURSELVES, BECAUSE WE ARE NOW – FINALLY – EMBODYING OUR TRUE GOD-SELVES AS OUR SOULS!!! We know this to be true, don’t we! Because we have been exercising and releasing and becoming our free, sovereign selves! Right?


Bringing down the Reval is up to us. More precisely, it’s up to us believing in us – and all of the other participating Divine Beings – because we are the magical souls on Earth who had the audacity to believe that, along with our Divine Helpers, we could bring Heaven to Earth here.

Through embodying our Souls physically in our bodies here in 3D and becoming aware of our Souls as our Selves!. Right?

And bringing our attention all the way D-O-W-N really is the gift of the third dimension, isn’t it? If you want to make something really real, slow its energy down so far that it becomes solid matter. That’s REAL. But it’s not the real Real World, is it? We are the Real World, us and God, we’re One.

And we – all of us divine, Ascending humans – are succeeding in bringing the Reval all the way down, all the way Home. Into the magical 3D, our particular portal to Heaven.

Who knew?

We are succeeding in awakening to Our Selves. We are succeeding in bringing in the Reval. We are succeeding in Re-evaluating our identities so they actually match Reality; we really are pieces of God, children of Mother-Father God.

And as we believe in our success, so it is.

The Reval is here because we are building it from within.



1Matthew 16:24, King James version of the Bible.

2Inspired while listening to Steve Beckow’s conversation with Archangel Uriel from Golden Age of Gaia. “Transcript ~ AHWAA: Archangel Uriel Brings Us The Future, August 23, 2016: September 17, 2016 by Paul Backes.” An Hour with an Angel radio show. 9/17/16: Golden Age of Gaia.

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a red heart sits next to a green dollar sign
Credit: Golden Age of Gaia website

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