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yin-yang symbol


I am, on occasion, a person you might like to talk to about Peace.  Let it begin with Me.

Peace works by balancing polarity, the positive and negative of this yin-yang

 of life, on a fulcrum within the center of our Being.

 As we accept duality, by not judging it we make peace with the way things are.

We become free to choose our focus and choose what we like!

 We're at peace with the way things are, and we can feel it.


In PeaceWorx we focus on peace.  This doesn't mean we only focus on the positive;

how we deal with the negative is what makes the story interesting.  We're just going along,

being ourselves, traveling the center S-curve on the yin-yang of life.  We're working the

boundary between between yes-no, hot-cold, positive-negative, and walking the

dialectical balance of the dual nature of physical-plane reality.  As we fully

engage the opposites within our human nature we grow in unconditional love.


PeaceWorx is not all sweetness and light.  Our stories include the negative as

artwork includes the dark and film the shadow.  The intent is what matters.

If the intent is Peace, that's the ticket.  And that we can all discern.   

Let it begin with US!        

Yin-yang symbol retrieved 2/5/15 from Wikimedia Commons at

Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15

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