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For more information, contact Ruth Virginia Barton by email through Ruth@PeaceWorx.US.  

To sign up for the Ascension Blog, email Ruthy and tell her some pertinent things about yourself.  

Click on the sub-menu tab above, under Details, for her WeBelong School (WeBS), her online 

and face-to-face (F2F) (and under construction) brain-based learning school for social and emotional

healing, and here:

and under Details and here for her ePortfolio:


Click You-know-where for beautiful sights and sounds.  For continuous sound, do the following:  

Right-click on the tab for this website at the very top of your screen.  Then click on Duplicate and 

a new, duplicate website comes up.  If you open that website, click on Play on the YouTube video

(below) and leave its tab open, the ocean will continue to play during your stay at Peaceworx, or

even when you explore other sites!  See that speaker icon on the tab?  It shows the sound is on!

Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15.



Mission of PeaceWorx, an online magazine and blog committed to peace in self-expression:  


PeaceWorx Magazine provides a supportive and creative forum for adults and children to express themselves peacefully.


Mission of KidsWorx, a magazine by and for kids and their adult supporters:


The mission of KidsWorx Magazine is to empower children by giving them a written and multimedia voice in this world.  I believe we need to hear from children and kids need to voice out to us.  I created KidsWorx to provide children a voice but also as an acknowledgement that inheriting the planet as it is right now might be a stressful thing for them.  I believe such a magazine can provide safe space for children to voice out their own views on this subject and many others, but most of all, by attending to this meta- stress, I believe that KidsWorx provides an outlet for kids to be heard and listened to by other children and adults in their world, and as a result, I am hopeful it will provide healing for them. 


Mission of KidsWorx Classroom:


​The mission of KidsWorx Classroom is educational transformation:  to transform school so it becomes a safe haven for children.  I started a magazine designed to provide kids with creative and social support - an emotional safe haven - to express themselves.  I adapted KidsWorx for classroom publishing to inspire children to write and otherwise create in school, where they can see their work published on a safe online website and in booklet form and hopefully be further inspired to write and create.  


Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15

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