Peace Worx

Adults, to see your work - after you send it in and together we complete the revisions - click on it or your name right on this page! 

Here's where adults' work goes for PeaceWorx!

This is the site for creative expression for adults!

If you have art work - drawings, paintings, film, audio recordings, and any other art work - write to Ruth@PeaceWorx.US and attach it

if you wish. 

I'd love to see your work!  And I betcha the online world would, too!  Thank you for participating in PeaceWorx!

great-full, the greatest affirmation, by Ruth Virginia Barton 

Rainbow Glowing Heart, by Ruth Virginia Barton

Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15