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KidsWorx Classroom

Because Kids Have Voices in School, Too!

KidsWorx Classroom works within schools to create a safe haven community that supports children and older kids in expressing themselves through classroom publishing.  KidsWorx Classroom promotes and encourages social and emotional learning in which students write, compose, film, and create in a protected and encouraging classroom environment, honoring multiple intelligences and learning styles.  Students create their work at home, in the library or school, in groups or individually, and in a comfortable atmosphere where they experience how to trust themselves and each other, and to be trustworthy.  In KidsWorx Classroom, kids learn techniques of communication, mediation, and conflict resolution, focusing especially on expressing themselves and listening safely.  

As students experience these communication techniques with the protection, kindred spirit, and inspired support of KidsWorx Classroom's trained staff, they learn to relax and access their authentic brilliance.  They become more able to access their inner wellspring of creativity.  With the support and encouragement of their classmates and facilitators, KidsWorx Classroom students work together as a community, brainstorming and helping each other with ideas, technology, self-expression, editing, and the creative process itself.  Together, students learn community and methods and technologies to create -- a hard copy and/or an online multi-media publication that they and their families and friends can access through a protected school website.  Click here or scroll down to see our brilliant brochure!

KidsWorx Classroom is adapted from KidsWorx Magazine for classroom publishing to inspire children to write and otherwise create in school.  KidsWorx Magazine is written by kids for kids and their adult supporters, to give children a written and multimedia voice in this world.  Through KidsWorx Classroom, kids can see their work published online and in booklet form and hopefully be further inspired to write and create as lifelong learners!  

KidsWorx Classroom provides students with a supported voice in school, and also acknowledges the distinct possibility that inheriting the planet as it is right now might be a stressful thing for children, young ones and older.  Creating such classroom outlets within the social, emotional, and creative support of KidsWorx Classroom provides safe space for children and older kids to voice out their own views, on this subject and many others.  By potentially acknowledging this metastress, KidsWorx Classroom provides a powerful creative outlet for kids, and in that creativity, healing.


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KidsWorx Classroom Brochure

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