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KidsWorx Magazine

Because Kids Have Voices, Too!

KidsWorx is the children's magazine written by kids, for kids, and their adult supporters.   Its mission is to empower children by giving them a written and multimedia voice in the world.  In KidsWorx' exciting venue and as part of PeaceWorx, children voice out their new role on this beautiful and complex planet they are inheriting.  Because they might have something to say about it.  Right?

Click on the Kids' Worx tab for some expressive works of children.  


WE WELCOME KIDS! And their art! 


Inspired by KidsWorx' creative and supportive voices, children read for fun and write (and film and record and draw and paint) to communicate.  In KidsWorx Magazine, children freely and peacefully convey their thoughts and feelings, thereby educating the rest of us!  Because children need to be heard.  And Kids, there are so many people -- adults and especially other children -- who need to hear from you, too, and want to!  Other children need to hear from you so they can see how much they matter!  And adults need to listen - right? - and address your concerns to make things better, because you really do matter so much.  

KidsWorx is just like your own personal microphone -- to the world.

Kids just like you are writing, creating, filming, and composing.  This work is precious, creative and original!  And when ideas are communicated peacefully, people are more likely to listen.  "Peaceful" doesn't have to mean pretty or boring or tame.  It can be angry or wild or emotional.  It does mean caring about people's feelings, especially your own! 

After your parent or guardian fills out, signs, and sends in the Release form on the How page, you can have the work you’re proud of and wish to share published on this website almost as soon as you send it in.  (Write to us if the form is a problem.) KidsWorx staff will make sure your work is ready for publishing by communicating about editing and revising with you.  We want to make sure your work reflects the fact that you've done your very best, so there will be a bit of a back-and-forth as the revisions are finalized.  

If you have any questions you can write in or send an audio/visual message (see the Contact page).

"Thanx" for listening!  Click the Rainbow Heart or scroll for the beautiful ocean with its powerful sounds.

Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15

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