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Rainbow Chakra Meditation

You may freely listen to the minimalist or the embellished Rainbow Chakra Meditation by clicking         on these download links: 

To download Ruth's Rainbow Guided Chakra Meditation - minimalist version, about 20 minutes with 7 basic chakras, click here.

​To download Ruth's Rainbow Guided Chakra Meditation - embellished, with jewels for your Cosmic Jewel Toolkit, click here.

For examples of cosmic jewel tools to put in your Cosmic Jewel Toolkit (spiritual beauty tips and tricks) see below and click here.

Ruth's Rainbow Guided Chakra Meditation - embellished version - includes the following chakras and jewel tools for your Cosmic Jewel Toolkit (spiritual beauty tips and tricks):


Cosmic Star




Third Eye




Archangel Gabrielle's Blue Topaz Light Box* for Sexism!




High Heart - Love for self and community




Space Bubbas

Silver Electromagnetic Protection






Root Support



Chakras are our metaphysical energy system which melds our souls and bodies together, giving us access to our Higher Self or Power.

Our Higher Power is the biggest part of our Souls; only a small part is anchored into our bodies.

Our Souls are aspects of the Spirit of Love or Divine or God, or whatever you choose to name Divine Source Energy.

We in our bodies are also part of Divine Source.

We can access Spirit of Love directly through our chakra energy system.

Our imaginations are a best tool for accessing the Spirit of Love.

We can also use our imaginations to access and direct St. Germaine’s healing Violet Flame.

By directing the Violet Flame we can heal the whole world - within ourselves!

By healing ourselves we heal the world - really!

We can meditate to access our chakras and Spirit Guides and Angels and God directly.

Rainbow Chakra Meditation is simply one form of meditation.

Our chakras line up in our bodies in the colors of the rainbow!

There are seven major chakras but many more, as well.

Rainbow Chakra Meditation is my name for the form of meditation I received in a reading from my Spirit Guides through a local channeler.

For about 35 years I have been doing this meditation and embellishing it with new tools as I find them.

We can meditate to increase our Magical Power, which is Self-Love.

Our egos are here to serve us as we navigate the world.

Self-Love really IS “the Greatest Love of all,” as Whitney sang.

Self-love is the missing key ingredient in our world today.

Self-love assists us to make our egos our servants instead of our masters.

Self-love, which is simply the Spirit of Love that includes our own sweet selves, helps us distinguish between our egos and our True Selves.

Meditation helps us access our self-love because it shows us who our True Selves really are!

We can amplify our gratitude by saying Thank You to Spirit (which includes our own sweet selves) for the revelations we receive while meditating, especially the revelation of our Self!

While meditating, we can take any position that is comfortable and relaxing to us.

We can access healing energies and meditate through breathing into and out of our chakras.

These healing energies can assist our bodies and Earth.

Earth and our bodies are physical-plane manifestations of Spirit.

The Third Dimension, which until recently was Earth’s primary dimension, is one dimension among many.

3-D is simply the Energy of Spirit slowed down so it becomes matter.

Einstein was right!  Energy = Matter!  (E=mc squared)

Metaphysical simply means encompassing energy and matter on the same spectrum.

Our bodies really are our temples!

Deep breathing heals.

Throughout our day we may choose to collect gratitudes!

We may use our minds to focus on all that we are grateful for.  These gratitudes can be counted and added together and appreciated - collected - simply by taking the time and intention to do so!

Focusing on what we are grateful for increases our ability to receive more of it!

By our intention and meditation we can access our Higher Power all day long.

We can assist Ascension through a meditative practice like Rainbow Chakra Meditation.

Our whole planet is Ascending right now. This means we are expanding our access to higher dimensions than the third, and still including the third!

In other words, right now, simply by our intention, we are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth - while quite possibly staying alive to go to Heaven!

By meditating we bring LoveLight into our bodies and thus into Earth, as we are part of Mother Earth.

The more Golden Light, or LoveLight, we bring into our bodies the more we and Earth Ascend!

This minimalist version of Ruth's Rainbow Chakra Meditation is for those who would like to spend about 20 minutes simply meditating.  It is very easy and active - not boring - because it keeps our minds busy using our imaginations.  After 35 years of meditating, I like this guided and visualized chakra meditation very much because my mind is active even while fully experiencing the effects of meditation.  Plus, I get to work with bright rainbow colors, deep breathing, and other fabulous effects for a deeply cleansing, refreshing, and enlightening meditation!

​To download either one of Ruth's Rainbow Guided Chakra Meditations, click on the box next door at the top where it says "Buy Album" - and follow the prompts. 

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Download Instrux

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Cosmic Jewel Tools for your Cosmic Jewel ToolKit (spiritual beauty tips and tricks)

Here are a couple of examples of a cosmic jewel that you can add to either meditation or do any time you wish!  Use your imagination to make it work and then BELIEVE:

Using your imagination, create in your mind a blue topaz light box* that has a clear white lid for purity.  Visualize the blue topaz lightbox as a beautiful brilliant bright crystalline light blue container.  The magic of this blue topaz box is that whenever you encounter sexism or any other characteristic that feels like the feminine is being put down, put it in the box.  Open the brilliant blue topaz box in your imagination, and just put the insult in there.  And leave it there!  Close the lid.  Say a prayer if you wish. 


Here's another cosmic jewel:  the pineal gland is part of the Golden Triangle in the embellished meditation.  It is about in the center of the head.  Shaped like a tiny pinecone, you will see its rendition in many decorative spaces all over the world!  That's because it is such a powerful gland.  It represents the joining of spirit within our bodies, energy and matter, the metaphysical archetype.  We can feed it and strengthen it simply by meditating on it.  One way to do so is to envision it in the center of our heads surrounded by golden light, and breathe into it.  When you do the Golden Triangle, just add it there with your imagination.

*You can find Steve Beckow's article referencing Archangel Gabrielle's article about this, channelled by Linda Dillon, at Steve's website, The Golden Age of Gaia, called Archangel Gabrielle's Plan of Containment, dated April 19, 2014. 

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The embellished Rainbow Chakra Meditation is an amazing guided meditation that focuses on all the main chakras plus some extra added mini-super-chakras, jewels and tools for your spiritual toolkit.  A deliciously transforming experience, this embellished version is excellent for Ascension, releasing fear and uncovering Love, and remembering Who We Truly Are.  About an hour and a half.


​To download either one of Ruth's Rainbow Guided Chakra Meditations, click on the box next door at the top where it says "Buy Single" - and follow the prompts.

Download Instrux

Retrieved from YouTube, "11 hurs. Healing Sea #1 - No music - Gentle ocean waves - Soothing sound of ocean. Yoga~Yak. 10/28/15

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