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Ants, Love, and Miracles

Have you ever had ants in your house? I have, too. Some came in through being smuggled inside a potted plant I got at my favorite store.

I’ve been praying and asking my Guides and Angels to show me how to

lovingly get rid of them. I had a deal with them that worked for years that I

learned from Laura, a wise woman in Woodstock: You tell the ants you don’t

want to see them and if you do see them, they might not live anymore. That

was strict yet very friendly and the ants have primarily left me alone. If I did see

them I talked to them and warned them once more, that if I saw them again I

would set a trap that involved sugar. The problem with that is I did not want to

kill them. At all. But I did want them gone. I blessed them and asked their

forgiveness. God, I ask your forgiveness, too, for the ants whose lives I took.

Then this morning a miracle happened. I got up.

I’ve been wondering for a long time if indeed the ants do love me. An

individual ant may come right up to me and crawl on my foot, my computer,

my hands. I brush it off but it comes back! Pretty persistent buggers.

And I thought it was love because they don’t crawl on me when I sleep.

That would be creepy, not loving. Now I know for sure that it is love.

I have been loving them too, trying, when they do appear, to get them

out of my home nonviolently.

So this morning I meditated for a long time, got up, went into the kitchen,

and turned on the light. And then I saw them, maybe thirty ants, crawling as a

group TOGETHER toward my kitchen garbage can. I had never seen anything

like it before, and I'd never seen so many ants together before. They climbed inexorably all the way up the side of my pretty aqua can and then crawled over the lip of the paper bag inside, toward the banana peel within. (I think it was the banana peel they wanted.)

I got sugar and honey and sprinkled some inside the bag to entice them

to stay for awhile. (They appear to like sugar a lot more than honey.) I waited

until I could see no more crawling ants on the floor because they were all in – or

on – my garbage can. It took awhile, because stragglers kept coming and

coming. Then I picked up the can and hurried outside with it and tossed the

bag into the dumpster. I got the remaining ants crawling on the can off the can

and into the dumpster and came back inside.

What a perfect ant trap! There they are in the dumpster, which is full of

lovely food for them to eat, and I didn’t have to kill them to get them there!

They are alive and well, outside where they belong! I’m so happy for my

beloved ants.

And all this time I’m asking myself: Why did they come out at once?

And, Why did they wait until I was up and about?

It came to me when I got back into the house: It was yesterday that I

definitively and out-loud asked my Guides and Angels to help me get rid of the

ants in a loving way. The ants must have gotten the message, too, because

they were all waiting for me! In fact, they waited through hours of daylight until I

finished meditating and was up for the day and actually turned on the kitchen

light. Then they came out to see me, en masse! And to get food, yes, I know,

but they could have gotten that food at any time during the night or the

morning before I got up.

They love me!

That has got to be the secret. I love them, too.

And now they are out of the house, not in. Whatever ants are left will

come out tomorrow when I turn on the light, and they’ll crawl into the garbage

can and I’ll add sugar then, too, and take them outside when they are all in.

And I’ll do it again until I don’t see any ants anymore.

Thank you, beloved Ants, for being so much a part of Spirit that you

willingly became part of my miracle. Thank you, Guides and Angels, for the

miracle of helping me discern the perfect ant trap: Love, Garbage, Sugar, and


Ruth Virginia Barton

August 5, 2018

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