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Our Love is Vibrationally Neutralizing Hatred and Fear

By Ruth Virginia Barton with My Spirit Guides, God, & Angels

As we LightWorkers and LoveHolders, and all humans who support Love, fully embrace the suffering in this world, including our own, and meet it with love and the intent to heal inside ourselves, we actually transmute that suffering into Love. We are then able to offer this gift of healed suffering, of unconditional love, to the outside world on whole levels of reality that stream across the Universe. There are many levels of this reality like the frequency Jesus holds, like those beloved gurus hold even after they’ve passed from their mortal bodies, humongous pockets of allied energy like Jerry Garcia holds – witness the thousands of people who dreamed of visiting with Jerry the night he passed. The more we intentionally turn our own and others’ suffering into love, by loving ourselves through it, the more deeply we grow in love and the farther that love reaches into the world and the Universe.

Like so many of us, I’ve been praying for the children separated from their parents at the border as I watch the coverage on TV and allow all my own related suffering to come up from my inner child for healing. On Saturday I was with a friend who was losing sleep over it and we were looking for Peace within this excruciating situation. I asked my Guides and Angels, and Jesus and Mother Mary and Archangel Michael and St. Germaine and Archangel Raphael and MotherFather God for guidance and healing in this matter of children and parents suffering so deeply. I especially asked them for a Sign that I could trust that God was in this whole tragedy and actively upholding all these people, all of us. My friend and I kept looking for the Sign and I finally had this understanding come through me, knowing that God is on this and I could rest and let it go in Faith and Trust and pick it back up again when I was ready to rejoin the Cosmic Transmutation Team – of which you and I are both a part.

What I understood is this: Every time, especially lately, when these shockingly horrific things happen that cause such catastrophic suffering, all the people of the world who care spring into Love. We embrace these little children and their families in our hearts, we demonstrate, we send money to groups we believe can help the situation, and we pray. Every ounce of related suffering that we’ve experienced comes up into our consciousness for healing. We allow this process to take more and more time and space in our lives because it is so clearly imperative that we heal these situations the best we can. And so, every time these catastrophes occur – yes, our PTSD is definitely triggered, our overworked adrenals react in shock, and we experience grief and all of the other attendant emotions. Then, because it is our Mission to do so, we learn how to share it with God and become One with Creator again, how to allow God’s love in to our most hidden, painful places, and share our grief with us and thereby heal it. We realize again, on a deeper level before, that God really is with us and we are not alone; we heal our separation! And by “God,” I mean our Guides and Angels, our Divine Selves, the Unnamable connection to Spirit that we all have, that we all are.

We peel off another layer of the cosmic onion as we allow the reality of our spiritual sovereignty to arise more fully into our conscious, day-to-day reality. We experience deeper and deeper At-One-ment with God. We become more – and more – of Who We Really Are.

And the magic of this transmuting, this healing of layers of painful reality that we share with others, is that from our Wholeness, Love beams out from our unified hearts and goes directly to the place where it’s needed the most, to that matrix of suffering babies and children and parents and siblings and aunts and uncles and extended family and friends and neighbors and towns and cities and countries and The Whole World and into the Universe. That healing beam of LoveLight goes directly to the hearts of those perpetrating this horror and invites them to Choose another way. This offering of Love transmits itself directly to the core of the suffering, the experience of separation from Creator manifested in myriad different ways, and meets this core directly, head-on.

The LoveLight meets the source of the suffering, which is the felt experience of separation from Divine Source, cozies up to it and vibrates right next to it. That aligned energy of Love vibrates as a sort of mirror image at exactly the same frequency as the hatred and fear and zaps the perceived separation with healing love. As the separation is only a perception, it is false and cannot stand against Love, which is real. Like homeopathics, where the vibration of the correct remedy perfectly matches the vibration of the dis-ease and neutralizes it, energetically assisting the body in its self-healing efforts, so is our gigantic beam of LoveLight the exact frequency match of the suffering and hatred. Our intention to bring Love to an untenable situation attracts its Divine Spiritual counterpart of Love through the magic of prayer and vibrationally zaps the energy of separation that causes the suffering. In healing ourselves by loving our unloved parts that we couldn’t love before, we grow in love so we can embrace those newly-found parts of ourselves; those parts correspond to the suffering of others through our intention of world peace and healing, and this great beam of Light that we are constructing together through our unified intention to Love what was not before loved meets and matches what is not-yet-Love firmly and consistently. As we heal the rift of separation perception in ourselves, together we emit a gigantic particle beam of Love and Light and the separation automatically heals because it simply dissolves. It cannot be otherwise.

And this understanding, this inner knowledge of confirmation of who we are and what we are doing – and that we are doing it! – was my Sign that Love is winning. We are co-creating our own Ascension through transmutation.

We are doing it, People! We are transmuting planetary suffering into Love. By intentionally taking on others’ suffering that matches the vibration of our own, we heal because of our intention to Love – and that whole field of suffering transmutes automatically into Love because it is our intention to do so. This is what we are doing right now, Folks. We have been transmuting all this suffering for a very long time, as sisters and brothers in Christ Consciousness who have been following Jesus’ edict to take up our cross and follow him – or just doing it because we were Led to – and we are co-orchestrating the Ascension or Second Coming of Christ Consciousness! We are doing it and it is working and all we need to do is Keep Doing It!!! We started it and now millions are doing it with us! The momentum is beginning to carry us along! Just keep on working with and for MotherFather God and we are going to get this Ascension thing off the ground so we can all arise within our own bodies as we stay ON the ground, ON Earth and in Heaven and with Earth and Heaven and with each other! We are exercising our Ascension muscles and it is WORKING!!!

That’s my Sign and I’m sticking to it!

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