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My Shadow Monster Left Me and I AM – Finally! – Free to Be Love!

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

What a relief! What a joy! How beautiful to just be Me! Just to be the Love that I AM!!! I saw inside my chakras, and now I know why they’re depicted as Hindu god/desses and mandalas, because they just go on and on and on, or in and in and in. I am so grateful to Steve Beckow, who told us in Moving Up to the Experiential (July 22, 2018, Golden Age of Gaia) about the three levels of knowledge – intellectual, experiential, and realizational – because this realization stuff is for me! I am so excited! And I AM so exciting!!!

I woke up this morning feeling only aware of love, of my Spirit, of Me Being Me. And then I saw my big monster shadow self, which was literally a huge 3-D shadow monster with no other feature except horror, that had been plaguing me for centuries, fall to the Earth 350 feet below me. He fell into a marketplace and was so completely diminished that the children came over to play with him. I’m so glad! Bye Bye, monster self! Whatever you did to serve me, thank you! I release you to the Universe now, never to harm again!

And I meditated into each one of my chakras, deeply into each of the colors, and saw the beautiful, complex, eternal patterns that go on and on, or in and in. When I was done focusing on each one I breathed and exhaled deeply and deeply, and brought in the violet flame through my crown, and with it lit up every place in my body that needs help and healing, and released all the unneeded. Then I brought the violet flame through my crown chakra and down through all my chakras all the way into Earth and down, down, down into her Center. And from the center of the Earth I inhaled Her green energy up, up, all the way up through Earth and into my body, up, up, all through the cylinder of Love and Light that I AM through the Universe and into its Center. Then I brought the violet flame back down from there, all the way through my body and down into Earth, three times each way, releasing the stuff and keeping the tractor-beam channel open between Mother Earth, me, and Father-Mother-God.

I now see why I “got” on New Year’s Eve of 1993 that the colors for the next stretch of the world were going to be green and purple. I love green and purple together, and thought this was a great cosmic color combination. And of course it includes teal and turquoise and my favorite, bright shining Caribbean aqua. But I didn’t know why these colors until a couple of months ago, when I sent the Purple Violet Flame energy from the center of the Universe through my Crown chakra (which is purple and where my Violet flame is of course lodged, like a little troll doll with long streaming purple hair) and through my body down into the Earth, and then brought the Green up from Earth, through my body and up into the Universe and out, releasing the crap all the while! So green and purple, Earth and Spirit, Together through US!

These breathing exercises are so great. My feet are tingling from the oxygenation, the circulation of the oxygen. Deep breathing is literally pulling Love and Light into our bodies through the circulatory system for fun, for joy, for healing, for wholeness. We can use our imaginations to direct the violet flame-O2 to wherever we need it, wherever our bodies require more Love and Light.

Well, signing off now. I’m going to – finally – enjoy my day of just being Me!

Ruth Virginia Barton, July 26, 2018, www.PeaceWorx.US

Glowing Rainbow Heart - Ruth Virginia Barton
Glowing Rainbow Heart - Ruth Virginia Barton

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