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The Tyranny of the Third

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

(Dimension, that is.)

I’ve definitely been struggling with this election thing – really, a political manipulation over decades designed to force us into believing that the third dimension is the only reality that is real. Just when we were hoping for the Reval!

But here’s the thing: 3D is not Real, and this “election” is not the end. It is the beginning of Waking Up as a planetary collective and Ascending.

The so-called US election only appears to be a vast wall made of mind control blocking our planetary progress. In Reality this block is merely the manifestation of the fear that, indeed, 3D is a closed system that will never open up for US, for those of us who do not fit inside the hermetically sealed dome of limited consciousness.1

Yesterday two parallel things happened in my life: (1) My friends and I discovered that we had each recently and finally broken through our ancient patternings, only to discover that no, the tyranny of the karmic wall was still rampant; and (2) The US election told the world that the control paradigms and patterns of limited consciousness were being forced on us ever more deeply, sealed even more hermetically than ever before behind closed mind-controlled walls.

I’ve just realized another way to look at these grief-struck walls: They are only reflections of our ancient, planetary fear! Multiple lifetimes of fear that we will never break free of the tyranny of the third dimension that has described and proscribed our world for millenia. Anybody who is different, who lives outside the box made of these walls, knows what I’m talking about. This apparently tragic US election shows us that, indeed, we have not yet broken through to the Other Side of the dome of limited consciousness covering the planet. Talk about a test of faith!

But I must cleave unto my faith and shine it out to the world, and here is its basis:

Just as my friends and I and the world have experienced this despair, really, and fear, that the same old patterns appear to be more real than ever, this doesn’t mean our planetary progress to the Light is over. All it means is that we have met the reflecting wall of our deeply held collective terror instilled in us since Antlantean times, as Sheldon Nidle and his Galactic Federation friends explain.2

Looking backward, things do appear smaller, I know. Fear looks like a big hairy monster until we recognize it, with love, as False Evidence Appearing Real. The trick seems to be in the flash of awareness that comes through prayer or meditation or the intent to connect to Spirit over it: Oh! This brick wall is actually fear! It’s usually called something else, like a horrific reflection or spider or darkness, but its intrinsic kernel of fear is what defines its true reality. Once identified, we can love the fear and leave it behind, and with it, its 3D reflection. Detachment from the identification (this fear ≠ me) is the equation that allows us to joyfully materialize in 3D and 4D and 5, ad infinitum.

That horror house mirror we’re looking into today, November 9, 2016? It feels like a solid wall. But! As we withdraw our fear, we find the wall is only a reflective dome that has covered us for centuries, serving us well. We originally built it ourselves to protect us from the slings and arrows3, but then it turned into our prison and appeared to attack us from all sides. Turns out, the bolts slung from the archers perched on those walls? Were merely rebounds, deflected arrows sent from our own quivers of terror.

The dome’s surface is so hard that it appears absolutely real – and it is, a very real reflection. As we withdraw our fear of never breaking through this dark wall into the UNlimited consciousness of Who We Really Are, the wall becomes merely a mirror.

That mirror has been cracking and will soon fall away, right quick. Because it is only made of glass.

Today, the day after the nightmare called the 2016 US election, we have yet another opportunity to take responsibility for a structure we no longer want, lovingly recognize and release the fear that holds up its walls, and watch as the 3D illusion fades away into the nothingness that it really is. By Waking Up from the nightmare and recognizing the fear for what it is, and then releasing it with love as no longer valid or useful, we take away the structural support of this horrendous dome of limited consciousness with its veiled curtains.

Watch as the feared glass dome cracks into a trillion pieces and . . . merely dissolves.

Leaving US awakened, Standing Rocks in our own Reality, free and clear of the tyranny of the third dimension, shining the Light of our Unlimited Consciousness throughout our World and all dimensionality.

Then, we bring in the Reval by BEING IT!4 Because the unlimited consciousness of the Reval and Ascension is Who We Really Are: the Gift we keep on Being.

Waking Up is just the beginning.


1Nidle, Sheldan. 11/9/16. “Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: November 8, 2016; November 9, 2016 by Angela.” Golden Age of Gaia.


4Barton, Ruth Virginia. 11/7/16. “WE ARE the Reval!!!”

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