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Being Ourselves = Being God

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

I am so grateful for the download I received while meditating during the Summer 2017 Eclipse! I learned that it was time for me to let go of constantly transmuting for the whole world and let myself have my own full awareness of MotherFather God, of my GodSelf. What a relief that was! I had been Atlas, carrying the world for so long, and now it was finally time to give that world to God, the Universe, Divine. And you know what I found in that meditation, way deep down inside myself? I found God telling me He’s Got This. I didn’t need to carry it anymore. And it wasn’t a co-dependent thing that I was finally letting go of, either; it was the work of transmuting on a constant basis, letting go literally of the Weight of the World.

And I have been finding out more of what that means, post-Eclipse. It means that I can finally focus primarily on me, on my direct experience of MotherFather God and my God/us Self. And that, I’ve found, means I am finally free to co-create – because you can’t co-create for others, right? We can have compassion, and certainly pray and help, but we can’t get into their souls and do it for others, can we? So the relief of letting people find their own connection to Source – and indeed, their own Source as Self-ness – has been profound, because I am now free to have my own experience of God – by myself! The whole world isn’t crammed in there with me anymore! I can soak into God, let Godness seep into my spiritual pores. Finally, it’s just me in there!

And I found that now that I’m alone in there, I can also finally be my sovereign self in the world. That means I can now direct the physical plane to operate in my favor! It means I am here to explore my Godself, to be who I Am in this world, fully – FINALLY!

Still gotta follow my guidance and stay safe, and especially stay “grounded,” because this is where I AM first – the physical plane, here on my Beloved Earth, in this life. Everything starts with 3-D. If I try to leapfrog over it, using my mind to Jedi mind-trick myself into not having to experience the limitations and emotions of this 3-D life, nothing works right. I must remain grounded and start with the physical plane, because this is where I AM right now, eh? And this is the point of Ascension, isn’t it? – remaining in our bodies and ascending into other dimensions as well. Adding our bodies into the mix as opposed to leaving this one behind.

So I get to direct my experience of the physical plane, finally! I am free to do so! And part of this journey means directing my body. Because, after all, our DNA is reshaping into crystalline form, right? And as my beloved friend in Tucson explained to me the other night, if we don’t direct our cells to transform into the crystalline, they will continue to reproduce themselves as they have already been. And that is living in the past, isn’t it? On a cellular level!

WE ARE NO LONGER WHO WE USED TO BE. That is the case now, especially after this summer’s solar eclipse. We really are ascending. Now we need to exercise our sovereign Being-ness and instruct our cells – our bodies, our relationship to the physical as embodied souls – to ascend, too! Our cellular memories have held such trauma, from this and other lifetimes, but it’s just like with our spiritual growth: we have to change our identities, our beliefs of Who We Are, to believe we are now ascending and are multi-dimensional, quantum humans now, Beings who are Being in many dimensions at once! So spiritually we are knowing of our interdimensionality because of our extremely hard work to become so, but now we have to direct the physical plane, and especially our cells, to reflect our new quantum reality within the physical plane! We have to empower ourselves to believe we are sovereign and can therefore change the nature of physical reality.

And we really are the bosses now. MotherFather God will not interfere with the tremendous Gift of our free will – we have found this out through hard, long experience! God will not take over and do this for us, will She? That’s why we’re co-creating instead of just creating. We have to do this as our Godselves, connected to God, with God, however we choose to name this or “see” this or visualize this experience. We have to do this on our own First! It’s why we’ve had so much dire experience being alone – so we could become sovereign! So we would be strong enough not to allow anyone else to boss us, or invade us, or control us, and above all, not to allow ourselves any longer to give our power away! I don’t know about you, but karmically speaking it was almost second nature for me to give my power away. I have been fighting, in fact, all my life to take my power back!

So now we are our GodSelves, identifying as One, not alone in here anymore because we are with God, we ARE God, we are ONE! We know it. But the physical plane and our experience of it has not quite caught up to our spiritual reality. To be truly One, we have to include our bodies and the physical plane in that Oneness, and accept it all! The third dimension works very slowly, as we know from grinding experience. But now it can work faster, because Mother Earth, Gaia, is ascending, too! And we can operate the Ascension levers!

So now we can quantumly operate the physical plane and direct it to catch up with our spiritual realities. That is what we’re doing now, that is what we’re learning to do. Of course, we don’t have any models for this; we are the models! We chose to do this first, to be the avante-garde, the cutting edge of Ascension, so that others wouldn’t have to go through the agony of not having a model they way we did. Now it’s time to accept our power, receive the reality of actually BEING our GoddessSelves, direct our cells into their new crystalline reality. After all, crystals magnify, direct, and expand energy, right? So now our crystalline cells, at our direction, are becoming ready to be beacons of our loving intent on the Planet.

And here we come to the profound yet subtle difference of power-to versus power-over. Louise Hay, we honor you for your deep instruction to all of us on how to empower ourselves to heal. Empowerment is ourselves choosing to have Power-to BE – our real selves, our GodSelves, our Higher Selves – our true, authentic selves on this Planet right now! And if and when we slip into power-over, we will be awakened to it real fast by our compatriots and spirit guides and instant karma. Self-forgiveness is crucial at these times because we are humans, we are finding the balance, so we have to slip into both sides of the duality equation to find the peaceful balance of Oneness. So we explore, go down the middle, the squiggle line in the Yin-Yang, the Peaceful Way of Oneness that transcends duality! Our Loving Hearts guide us, and continues to show us the Way, because we keep asking for that Guidance, we keep asking for our Intent to manifest as Love.

We are NOW empowering ourselves. We are NOW doing It! We are NOW successfully operating the laws of the physical plane. Are we still alive? Are we basically all right? Are we finding peace amidst the turmoil and the suffering in the world? YES, we are! We are Allowing ourselves to move forward, out of the world’s reality, and into our own Reality of Being – not only connected to God, but as the Embodiment of God! Christianity and other religions have not-so-subtly taught us to submit to God, to obey, to allow punishment for sins, the original one being the initial apparent separation from God. But what if we, as God, decided to Be MORE God in original blessing, to coin Matthew Fox’s term? What if we, as God, decided to split into many different pieces, all wholly God, all Holy, and BE MORE GOD!!! What if that is the true nature of the separation – God playing with God! I tell you, after decades and lifetimes of suffering from self-blame and condemnation for originally choosing to separate from God, I finally realized that I would probably choose that precious gift of Free Will again – and find my way again! – and remember my Original Oneness again! So that’s been a huge part of my growth as a soul – to go from believing in my own original sin to remembering my own Original Oneness! And the Divine Gift of Free Will has made all that possible! And by never interfering with that Gift, always respecting it and and never messing with it - not once! - God has shown me its preciousness. My Soul Sovereignty comes from the Divine Gift of

Free Will in allowing myself to continue to follow my Guidance to lead the way, to show me the way Home.

I AM now that sovereign Being. I AM now self-realized as my Higher Self embodied on Earth in the third dimension and the fourth, and the fifth, and wherever else I grow to be. It has been up to me to realize the truth of this Oneness with God, this Siblinghood with Jesus, this co-equal branch of Divine Family, this correct Divination of the Bible. It has been up to me.

And the beauty thing is, it is STILL UP TO ME! The courage it has taken to be able to say this, to write this, is tremendous, as You know. But what else is there to do? What else is life for?

Life is for realizing our Oneness with God, no matter what, no matter how far away S/He feels, no matter how alone we feel, no matter how hard this is. There is no other game on Earth, no other thing to do, besides Remembering our connection with God, our Sameness with Creator, and, indeed, our very Godness Itself. We are Here Now to Become Ourselves! And Who we really Are is God.


Ruth Virginia Barton, 9/5/2017,

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